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We are a non-profit cat rescue organization located in Mount Pleasant , SC. Founded in August 2015.  Our program TAVR (Trap, Alter, Vaccinate, Return/re-home) is set up for the feral and stray cats in our community enabling them to be Charleston County protected Free Roaming Cats.


In addition to our TAVR program, we provide daily feedings to our various cat colonies and outdoor shelters to keep the cats out of the elements in the Mt. Pleasant area. Managing these cat colonies gives our community cats healthier and longer lives. Currently FCH cares for 50+ colony cats on a daily basis.  Additionally we provide cat food to many low income senior cat owners regularly. We've trapped, altered, vaccinated and returned over 500 cats to date.


Our ultimate goal is to open a CAT SANCTUARY so that the community feral and abandoned cats could have a safe place to live and be cared for.  In order to make this possible FCH would need a donation of land/use of land in the East Cooper area.

FCH is dedicated to the care and well being of the stray and feral cats in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Click on the tabs above to find out how you can help:  Volunteer, Adopt, Donate & News 


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 Paula G 


"Saving one cat may not make a difference in the world,

but it will make a world of difference to that one cat."


FCH Manages Cat Colonies

FCH uses a program called TAVR (Trap, Alter, Vaccinate, Return.)  By managing cats instead of simply feeding them, we improve their life quality and make them easier to care for and live with. They're no longer spraying, yowling and kittening. This alone justifies the TAVR work required to establish a managed cat colony. Currently FCH provides care for approximately 50 free roaming cats in our area on a daily basis.  Additionally we provide cat food to many low income senior cat owners regularly.  We've trapped, altered, vaccinated and returned over 300 cats to date.

FCH Outdoor Shelters


Lilly and her colony mates have shelter to stay warm and dry.​

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You may contact us via email: or by reply on our

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Adoptable Cats & Kittens
Please contact us at FeralCatHelpers@gmail  to set up an appointment to meet our kittens and adult cats that are available to adopt.

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NEW Feline Spay/Neuter Clinic 

in Mt. Pleasant, SC

PetSmart Charities and FCH

We are excited to announce our plans to open a spay/neuter vaccine clinic for TNR feral cats. Our goal to open in spring/summer 2021. We will offer free-minimal low-cost surgeries & vaccines for Feral & stray cats in the Charleston Tri-County area. Our mission is to help control the over population of feral & stray including all outdoor cats in the area and medical care & homes for their kittens thru our adoption program. We have leased a space for the clinic & once we have raised the funding needed for medical equipment & supplies we will be ready. Please donate what you can & share with friends. It will take a Village to help us accomplish this mission. As a 501c3 all donations are tax deductible.



Feral Cat Helpers Aims To Open Clinic

Boy time sure flies this is our 3rd anniversary of being an adoption partner with PetSmart Charities.  To date we have adopted out over 300 kittens and adult cats.  Including some who were owner surrenders and are now re-homed with new loving families.  


We thank PetSmart Charities for accepting Feral Cat Helpers as an adoption partner which enables us to have rescue cats go from 'hopeless to a home.'  We work hard to help each and every adoptable cat/kitten we rescue.  All of our rescues put into our program have been fostered, socialized, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped and have a clean bill of health.  Finding responsible adopters is just as important to PetSmart as it is us. Since becoming an adoption partner in May 2018 we've adopted out more than 300 cats and kittens to date.

Of the 300 cats/kittens we've adopted over 30 of them had been 'turn aways' by the Animal Society and deemed not adoptable.  Something their new owners will dispute whole heartedly.

To Become A Kitten Sponsor Which Includes Giving It A Name Please Email us at:

Sponsorship is a $50 donation that helps us get the kittens its 1st vaccines, etc. 


Each Sponsor will be sent a photo & bio of their sponsored kitten.